Eeksy-Peeksy has a little ditty (or, as he calls it, augury doggerel) that made me laugh despite my wretched cold, and I thought I’d share it with my readers. However, since 1) it may offend those who are solemn about the Nativity season and 2) it contains words that I don’t want drawing Google hits to Languagehat, I will put the actual ditty in a comment; if the comments are temporarily missing (sigh), just click on the Eeksy link above to be taken right to it. I will probably not be blogging tomorrow (too busy stuffing myself with Norwegian meatballs), so I will take this opportunity to wish all Languagehat aficionados a merry & happy twenty-fifth of December, whether or not you assign any metaphysical significance to the date.


  1. We piss through our hairy isthmus,
    We piss through our hairy isthmus,
    We piss through our hairy isthmus,
    And we crap through our rear.

  2. Well, at least one person liked it.

  3. It cracked up my wife and her sister, and they went around the house singing it vociferously.

  4. Speaking of Google hits, by the way, I’m beginning to be sorry I ever posted about naked Romanian gymnasts, since they are now dominating my referrer logs. Can’t people go back to searching for Adam Gopnik essays?

  5. Google hits are a good thing–they bring people to your site. If they’re really looking for something you don’t have, they’ll figure it out pretty quickly, but maybe along the way they’ll find something else that they like. I’m frequently surprised by the oddball queries that point to my site, and welcome anyone who’s curious enough to click through.

    Anyway, even if an off-color query leads to your site, that doesn’t mean that general queries for languagehat will all point to an individual off-color entry. Just keep on publishing the kind of material you publish, and that material will become your primary M.O. over at Google.

  6. Oh, I know that intellectually, it just pisses me off to see my referrer logs filled with naked gymnasts. I do hope that some of the gymnast seekers get turned on to Sorbian (at the very least, they could develop an interest in naked Sorbian gymnasts).

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