Translating Astérix, with pictures (and mouseovers). Via Open Brackets.

Update. The link does not work as of April 4, 2005, but the main website carries the following message: “The site is currently under reconstruction and will be relaunched with a brand new design, improved layout, new features and updated resources pages in Spring 2005.” So hopefully the article will be back online soon.

Update (July 2019). The original link still didn’t work, so I’ve replaced it with an archived link.


  1. Great stuff. I first encountered the Asterix books living with Americans in Turkey when I was twelve. I still have a bunch of them somewhere.

  2. I credit Astérix for what fluency I once had in French.
    Clever of Uderzo to spell Hyapados with `H’. (As we all know, initial upsilon is always aspirated in classical Greek – but `h’ is silent in French.)

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