Katexic Clippings.

From the About page:

Founded during the high heat of the 2014 Alaskan summer, Katexic Clippings is a (now) weekly email newsletter for bookworms, word nerds and the incurably curious. In each issue:

WORK: a concise, compelling work or excerpt
WORD(S): a wonderful word or fascinating phrase
WEB: a bijou suite of links
WATCH/WITNESS: a video, map, painting, picture, animation or other visual
WHAT!?: an unclassifiable curiosity

After two years and more than 300 email issues, yr humble editor gave in to readers’ demands for this companion website. He still thinks subscribing to the newsletter is a lot more fun.

Here‘s the main page; I discovered it via a trackback. I figure anything aimed at bookworms, word nerds and the incurably curious is likely to intrigue LH readers. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m afraid “katexic” is a David Foster Wallace-ism, apparently a deliberate misspelling of cachectic. But I won’t hold that against the clippings.


  1. Since I won’t apologize for enjoying David Foster Wallace’s fiction and (most of his) essays, I’m glad you won’t hold it against me.

    “Katexic” has allures other than being memorable and the mystery of whether it’s a simple mistake or a strange pun: it was available as a site/user/account name everywhere I needed it! I hope you and/or some of your readers enjoy the newsletter.

  2. Hey, nice to see you, and no need to apologize! I completely understand about the attraction of availability; when I thought up “Languagehat,” the first thing I did was google it and when I got zero hits, that became the moniker of me and my blog alike.


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