Thanks to a timely intervention by Anton Sherwood, the muttering Ogre, I found my missing entry by the simple expedient of republishing the archive. I apologize for crying wolf, but dammit, the gate of the sheepfold was open, I could have sworn I saw wolf tracks, and it’s so hard counting virtual sheep… At any rate, I am glad to know I have readers so willing to help out and encourage me to improve the blog; I appreciate all of your comments to the earlier entry, and I promise I’ll switch to Movable Type!


  1. What has kept you from using MT in the past? Just not having a domain and web hosting?

    You’re welcome to host a blog on my site if you want. The only downside would be that it would have to be or something, which is less distinctive than having your own domain. 🙂

  2. I was told that Blogger was a good way to get started, since they did everything for you, and it’s true. I was also told that I would outgrow it and want something better, and that has also turned out to be true. I deeply appreciate the offer of hosting, and after I learn more about what I’m doing I may take you up on it.

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