A wall in Paris is covered by the words “I love you” in many languages; the site (English version here) not only allows you to view the wall up close in a virtual tour but offers a section of e-postcards where you can find what language a given inscription is in (here, for instance, is Tigrinya). Lots of fun for the glossophile. (Via a MetaFilter post by the indispensible plep.)

Incidentally, I’ve spent most of the day removing scores of identical bits of comment spam just added to many of last year’s entries, and have scores more to go. I hate spammers.


  1. have you considered MT-Blacklist – http://www.jayallen.org/projects/mt-blacklist/ ?
    Every week I got and filter out spam comments from my little blog. I’ve found that since I added a robots.txt to block all robots, none of my newer entries have gotten comment spam, just the ones in existance before I implemented it.

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