Apparently a lot of people are as angry as I am about the new editor of the NYT Magazine, Hugo Lindgren, canning Ben Zimmer’s language column; according to this report (by Michael Calderone) on the many changes at the magazine, Lindgren is now saying the column is “‘on hiatus’ rather than completely over.” I may be clutching at straws here, but this sounds like there’s a chance of getting it back; I urge everyone who cares to send Lindgren an e-mail and (if you can bring yourself to do the Facebook thing) “Like” this page. Might as well try, eh? (Thanks to John Emerson for alerting me.)


  1. John Emerson says

    Tomorrow is National Grammar Day! The Baltimore Sun’s John McIntyre suggests celebrating by writing to The Times to bring On Language back from “hiatus.”
    NYT Magazine letters to the editor:
    NYT Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren:
    NYT public editor Arthur Brisbane:

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