Mark Woods of the indispensable wood s lot posts a mention of his septennial along with a photo of himself wearing a fine hat and a cheerfully dubious expression that suits the sensibility of his dedicated cullings from the online cornucopia. Saith mw:

As I’ve said before (and no doubt will say again), “My sense of collegiality with those of similar sensibilities coupled with the voice I find in producing this collage have acted as a great anodyne for megrims, funks and other assorted black dogs of a chemical, tempermental and/or situational variety.”

Congratulations, keep up the good work, and if those photos are of the countryside around your “small town in Lanark County near Ottawa,” you’re a lucky man.

Incidentally, for those who don’t know, saith (the archaic third person singular of say) is pronounced exactly like the name Seth. It is not “say-eth”; if it were, it would be spelled sayeth, as one form of the archaic second person is spelled sayest.


  1. “tempermental” is awfully good, whichever of you coined it.

  2. Dang–seven years is a long time to post stuff. Which proves his love of the content.

  3. my favorite blog, & the one i always check first when i go online for the day.

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