A couple of opportunities, of different sorts:
1) Megan L. Risdal says:

I’ve been working on a research project for a while now with a former professor and we received IRB approval yesterday to launch our survey of language attitudes, grammaticality judgments, and personality factors. So if you’re reading this and you have a few minutes to spare, I’d love for you to take our survey. We are hoping to capture a large, diverse demographic so we’re disseminating our survey far and wide.

Go to the link for her link.
2) The International Translation Center, under the auspices of Cardinal Points (see this LH post), is dedicating its annual contest to Marina Tsvetaeva: “The First Prize is a compass and $300 (US). The shortlisted translations will be published in both Cardinal Points and Стороны Света journals, as well as on the RT-Russiapedia website.” See that last link for submission guidelines, and good luck!


  1. IRB? What’s the International Rugby Board involved in this research for?

  2. I smiled at that TLA too, Kerry, must be recent NZ history colouring perceptions. I asked what I thought was a straightforward question, and was somewhat taken aback by the response, so I think I’ll hold off on doing the survey. Which is a pity, because if the scope were as wide as she said it was, I’d love to participate.

  3. IRB = institutional review board. Thanks for posting a link to my blog/survey! Much appreciated. RE: Comments on about the survey, I’m sorry. I was actually quite offended & discouraged by that comment. I do hope you read my response. I’ll update the blog post to hopefully clear the air for anyone else who may have concerns about participating. Cheers, friends. 🙂

  4. MLR, I did read your response, and that of others. I was pleased to see that my question was correctly understood by others who read it, and that my concerns were not unique to me. I’m still at a loss to know why such a simple question should have “offended and discouraged” you, and the umbrage you so clearly took at an unambiguous request for clarification was a factor in my deciding not to participate. That said,I wish your project well, and will keep an eye out for the chance to participate in any relevant future opportunities you may offer.

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