I happened on a very well done site, The Ulwa Project, which includes a dictionary of this language (of the Misumalpan family) of eastern Nicaragua as well as Thomas Green’s dissertation, “A Lexicographic Study of Ulwa” (MIT 1989) and is dedicated to recording and preserving the fast-dwindling language. I liked very much Green’s acknowledgments, in which (along with the usual suspects) he thanks Eugene “Sully” Sullivan, “the night custodian on the third floor of the now-deceased Building 20…. He was always good for some Red Sox talk or griping about the system or keeping a pot of coffee brewing in one of the biohazard labs.”


  1. Wow, that site is fantastic… XML dictionaries, a conference, papers… I feel like I just hit a jackpot.

    If I were in your neighborhood I would buy you a large drink.

  2. I’ll take a raincheck on that, but next time you’re in NYC, you’re on!

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