We’ve discussed various foreign-flavored varieties of English over the years, but never the Thai-based version known as Tinglish; in fact, I never thought of such a thing, even though I lived in Thailand for several years and must have heard a lot of it (this was long before linguistics swam into my ken, of course). Now you can hear a few samples, along with a useful pointer about how a flavored variety can help you get the hang of the foreign original, in this TikTok video, though the final example — “toilet” for what in my native dialect we call “toilet” — was a surprise. (Thanks, Ariel!)


  1. Sadly, the gramamatical part of Wikipedian article is unsourced.
    I wonder if “are you boring?” is conventionalised or at least preferable.
    “are you spicy” – wonder if it is as in “are you hot”, a question about what you feel [about your meal] rather than the taste of your meal…
    Hugo is suspicious.

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