Want to generate your own gobbledygook? Try Adjunct Travesty, which “allows you to process an extract from Adjunct: an Undigest, and/or a text of your own choosing, through a text-generating algorithm modelled on the program TRAVESTY by Hugh Kenner and Joseph O’Rourke (as described in the book SENTENCES by Charles O. Hartman and Hugh Kenner, Sun and Moon Press 1995).” You can use their text, one you copy into their box, or a mix of the two; the front page of Languagehat by itself gives:

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And mixed with their text:

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Girls in brioche —  yeasty!

(Via aldiboronti at Wordorigins.)


  1. Just want to confirm that Far Outliers is indeed all about cheap distant oilers–and a half. Out of the mouths of babble …

  2. A similar program I can recommend – although it’s not quite as sophisticated in keeping the result grammatical, is Korenthal Associates’ “Babble”, a shareware DOS program from way back, still available via Brad Sucks. It has a mixing-desk format for merging texts in various proportions. Here’s a 50:50 mix of Pride and Prejudice and a review of the Maple 8 math package:
    “It will do to the first provides a central the idea is his marrying whichever he had my hearty consent to visit no occasion for less skilled users who do need skill to say that is, returned she ought to a runtime Java environment that Netherfield Park is a runtime Java environment that manufacturers simplify their daughters, slider bars and I slightly puzzled by you take delight in the house by a man of SCW will be impossible for the difference lies only in a truth is identical to Maple classes as the party. What a truth is that is the neighbourhood.I must know that addressing such cases, you flatter me. You are actually problems common to visit him of the feelings or the house by themselves, nor half so good-humoured as revolutionary and ignorant, slider bars and I certainly have had my dear Mr Bennet, replied his design in possession before Michaelmas, and was so handsome Jane, say Mr Bennet plied that appears to him of implementation. When he concept is so well fixed in such issues appears both in the feelings or the preference. Mr Morris immediately; and therefore you must throw in a few lines by a man may go, how can create simple interfaces (GUIs) using elements such issues appears both in Matlab or views of SCW will be still better, how can create simple interfaces to him of many mathematics package and I desire you to him if you abuse our own children in the need (or want) to tackle Maple for my dear Mr Bennet plied that Netherfield is a woman has just been here, instance, which perhaps will be a single man of the new packages, paradoxically, can it will do to be a woman has not. I slightly puzzled by other programs. Of the addition of basic symbols, and evolutionary update to program. My dear, how can create simple interfaces (GUIs) using elements such thing. Lizzy has not you heard that addressing such as revolutionary and offers analogous to visit no answer, plot wizards used by the for that. You an establishment it doesn’t offer menu access to know, the north of SCW will explore ways that Maple previously had not pretend to many new graph plotting removing
    the next issue of their daughters”.

  3. Some other plausible text scramblers can be found here.

  4. While we are on the subject of word games (Where we? Well, kinda single player ones, anyway) have you visited the It’s been around for quite a while and is a sort of computer based version of the surrealist parlour game, Exquisite Corpse. Here’s a story I was involved in a few years ago (2000, I think) cobbled together five words at a time (and here’s its peer review).
    The whole site is pretty adolescent (hence my involvement) but it has its moments.

  5. The Adjunct Travesty site went offline many years ago, and though the Wayback Machine gave me an archived version which I substituted in my post, I had no expectation that it would work. But it does!

  6. John Cowan says

    A letter-level travesty generator is available in Emacs as M-x dissociated-press, and there’s a Perl module similarly named. I don’t know of any conveniently packaged word-level travesty generator.

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