No, this isn’t yet another post about “untranslatable” words (e.g.), it’s a new website: “Untranslatable is an online dictionary that allows people to add words and expressions from all over the world.” The “Behind the project” section reads:

My name is Amarens, and I started this project in 2019 after I graduated from my Bachelors in Portuguese and Spanish Linguistics. I have since received an MA in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and a MSc in Computational Linguistics.

I originally raised money for the project through a Kickstarter campaign, and learned to program from scratch in order to create this website.

Alas, when I click on “Languages” I get taken to this page, which seems to provide access to a list of languages… but when I click on it (in Firefox) nothing happens. Let me know if you have better luck!


  1. Nothing seems to happen wherever I click, either.

    EDIT: if you click on “explore entries” some random phrases with “definitions” with “likes” come up.

  2. cuchuflete says

    Go to the very bottom of the page. Some links lead to distressing versions of Brazilian PT or Spanish created by a rusty translation machine.

  3. Indeed, the explore menu is where it’s at. Pretty thin soup, although now I know that if I’m in Panama “que sopa” doesn’t mean “what’s the soap”. I’m sure that will come in handy someday

  4. It’s an LLM.

    LLM: “Used as “what’s up?” in Panamanian Spanish. It comes from switching the order in which syllables of “Que pasó?” (what happened). It is occasionally also written as “xopa”.

    — quoting the LLM here

    “xopa” is Bulgarian for “people”. It’s an LLM. Just ignore it.

  5. Indeed, the explore menu is where it’s at.

    Ah, and if you click on a language name there you can get entries in that language (e.g., Finnish).

  6. PlasticPaddy says

    Browse synonyms brings up a list of words and expressions in English. If you click on one, you can scroll through equivalents in other languages.

  7. For me, only the “explore” button worked when I tried it a few hours ago, and the interface has changed since then.

  8. Lars Mathiesen (he/him/his) says

    The server setup seems to be broken, never mind the content. I get two complete html elements on the two pages I did view sources on, with some more random elements between them. Also various security errors in the console, but that’s expected if people don’t test with Firefox, and a missing JS library. The “link” to languages is a button that should have an on-click event installed from JS, but nope.

    But yeah, it seems to be changing minute by minute. Maybe it’ll be better in a week.

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