Uppercase Alif.

I recently discovered Uppercase Alif, “Andreas Hallberg’s notes on Arabic linguistics.” From the About page:

I am an Assistant Professor in Arabic at the University of Gothenburg. This blog is a space for me to write informally about Arabic linguistics, research and writing tools, and related things that interest me. Posts are written in English or Swedish depending on topic. Typos and poor grammar may occur. Typically, posts that get more views are more carefully edited post publication.

My dissertation, Case Endings in Spoken Standard Arabic (Lund University, 2016), can be downloaded here.

There’s plenty of interesting stuff, like Minimal pairs in Standard Arabic. Check it out!


  1. David Eddyshaw says

    I came across the dissertation some time back. It’s fascinating (and answers a number of questions I long wondered about.)
    Favourite quote (within a quote)

    It is difficult to exaggerate Egyptians’ attention to and fear of the case system.

    I also particularly liked the account of how one of the investigators (himself a highly educated Arabic speaker) had to actively fight to hide his irritation with one of the informants whose command of the case system was annoyingly perfect.

  2. Heh. Classic.

  3. By the same university:

    Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax


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