If you’ve ever had a yen to hear the Vedas chanted, there are eighteen hours of it available at, not to mention Sanskrit texts of the Vedas with commentary by Sayanacharya. I’m taking this on faith because I can’t actually access the site at the moment, but here‘s a story about it, and it’s recommended by Nancy at under the fire star [25.6.03], so my faith is strong.


  1. Well, it’s accessible today (yesterday it wasn’t), but my machine refuses to play their audio files. What is the audio .asx extension?

  2. Renee– It’s Microsoft’s “Advanced Streaming Redirector” file extension. On my machine it popped up an audio CD player program I’d installed with a new RW CD-ROM drive a while back. I guess it’s Microsoft’s answer to the unasked question of ReadlAudio .ram files. I was able to listen and enjoyed it. –jfb

  3. Hi, Steve,
    A.P. here. Got ’em. Quite something to get lost in –the site goes on and on…

  4. Hi, Steve,
    A.P. here. Got ’em! Quite a site–it goes on and on.
    I am pondering the dig you later quote and think I might have a source, btw–I’ll be in touch!

  5. Narayanaraju says

    Hi Friends,
    I’m NarayanaRaju. every one calls me Bobby.. .. its a real fantastiq site I have ever seen.. I wanna go deep into the site & learn a looot.thanx for the site address.

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