Puckfist: ‘an empty braggart.’ Here’s an abbreviated version of the OED entry:

puckfist (‘pVkfIst). [app. f. puck sb.1 + fist sb.2 Cf. puff-fist, -foist, which appears about the same date.]
1 The Puff-ball, Lycoperdon Bovista. Also abbreviated puck.
1601 B. Jonson Poetaster iv. v, I’ll blow him into aire, when I meet him next: He dares not fight with a puck-fist. 1893 S.E. Worc. Gloss. s.v., I shud like a drap o’ drink, fur I feels as dry as a puck-fyst.
2 A term of contempt for an empty braggart.
1599 B. Jonson Ev. Man out of Hum. 1, To be enamour’d on this dusty turf, This clod, a whoreson puck-fist. 1605 Tryall Chev. iv. i. in Bullen O[ld English] Pl[ays] III. 328 Giue me leaue to incounter this puckfist, and if I doe not make him cry Peccavi say Dicke Bowyer’s a powdered Mackrell. 1637 Shirley Example ii. i, Lady, he is no man..A very puckfist. Jacinta. What’s that, I pray? Vain. A phantom, a mere phantom. 1821 Scott Kenilw. xviii, A base besognio, and a puckfist.
attrib. 1615 J. Taylor (Water P.) Urania xxiv. Wks. (1630) 3/2 Then loue him; else his puckfoist pompe abhorre.

[The serendipitous finding of this word was inspired by the ever-inspirational Caterina. And in case you were wondering, a besonio (or besognio) is ‘a raw soldier; (term of contempt) a needy beggar, a base worthless fellow.’]


  1. i’m really puckinfist now.

  2. Quonsar!! If I’da known you were coming, I’da baked a snark!

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