Suzanne E. McCarthy has started a blog called abecedaria; in her post ” Why Abecedaria?” she says:

I could have called this The Writing Sytem Blog but it seemed a little too presumptuous. What about the Glyph-based Input Blog – a little too much like a bee in the bonnet.

I want to write about writing systems as concrete realities with a physical organization, something that can be seen, felt, and perceived in the most tangible way… I guess abecedaria is about characters in a writing system being primarily glyphs and secondarily abstract codepoints.

She has a whole range of fascinating posts on Chinese, Tamil, Japanese, Caroline Islands Script, and all manner of script-related topics, even unto Alaric Alexander Watts‘ once well-known hyper-alliterative poem “The Siege of Belgrade” (“An Austrian army, awfully arrayed…”), which she links with a touching memory of her grandfather. Welcome!


  1. Straight into the aggregator… what an interesting topic for a blog.

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