Henry Farrell has set up an academic blog portal: “With the exception of a few pages…, it is freely modifiable, so that users can themselves add blogs and other forms of content that may be useful to academic bloggers and academics academics more generally.” (I’m pleased to see someone has added LH to the Linguistics and Philosophy page.) Henry says in his Crooked Timber post about it:

I’d like the list to be even more comprehensive than it is. The only way to do this is to get the word out, so I’m politely asking people who like the general idea of this resource to consider linking to it, in a post, in their blogroll, or (ideally) in both. The more people know about the wiki, the more people are likely to enter in details of academic blogs that they write themselves, or read. What I’d like to do in a few months is use the information in the wiki as the initial basis for a rough census of the academic blogosphere; who is blogging in what disciplines, at what stage of their careers and so on. I think this would make for pretty interesting reading, and the more comprehensive the wiki is as a map of the academic blogosphere, the more accurate the census will be.

So if you read such blogs (or maintain one yourself), you know what to do. Me, I’m adding it to the blogroll so I don’t forget to check it regularly. I Am Not An Academic, but I like hanging out with them.

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