The Breton poet Anjela Duval has a nifty trilingual site dedicated to her, including over 500 poems in Breton and almost a hundred translated into English as well as articles in English, French, and Breton. Via cannylinguist, a brand-new linguablog: welcome!


  1. Breton vs Welsh. I was told that Breton speaker could make out Welsh. This was told to me by a Breton whose mother conversed with a young Welsh guest in their respective tongues.So maybe Welsh speakers will have more Poetry to enjoy {Tis Eisteddford time}

  2. hat –
    I notice that you commended in cannylinguist anonymously – do you need a number?

  3. I always comment on LJ sites anonymously, since the whole LJ thing is a mystery to me and I don’t even know what a “number” is. I just figured you had to have an LJ site yourself not to be anonymous, and I have no desire to have one. But if a number will help, sure, I’ll take one of those!

  4. Well, it is true that you have to have an LJ to not post anonymously – but you don’t have to use it – just sign in & maybe choose a picture to go along with your comments 😉
    A number enables you to get an LJ so that you don’t have to post anonymously – if you should want one, it’s yours.

  5. Breton/Welsh. Not in my experience. We had a Breton girl staying here earlier this year, and I couldn’t understand a word she said in Breton (on the phone to her family). She’d studied Welsh in school, so could join in at simple conversation level.
    I can’t read Breton either, but this has made me want to learn. Wonderful stuff.

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