Forbes has a special section on “Communicating,” with pieces by Arthur C. Clarke (“Join The Planetary Conversation”), Scott Woolley (“The Next 4,000 Days”), David M. Ewalt (“How To Talk To Aliens”), and others, as well as interviews with Jane Goodall, Kurt Vonnegut, Desmond Morris, Steven Pinker, etc.; there’s even an interview with Uncle Noam. Check it out.

Also, sorry about the bandwidth problem. We’re working on it here at Maison Languagehat.


  1. I don’t mean this agressively: Did you find their method of approaching you appropriate? I assume you got the same e-mail I received. Me, I was not pleased, however interesting the articles.

  2. Nah, I always appreciate being told about language-related stuff. If it’s something that doesn’t interest me, I ignore it.

  3. Wait, so they publish a bizarre, obviously personal-vendetta-driven “blogs are evil!” article while simultaneously reaching out to blogs to help publicise their other articles?
    Does that strike anyone as odd? Or are there two different Forbeses?

  4. Two Forbeses, precious?? 😉

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