Compass Award: Tarkovsky.

I’ve gotten into the habit of posting about the International Translation Center/Cardinal Points annual Compass Award contest (2012, 2013), and I’m particularly happy to do so this year because it’s dedicated to the poetry of Arseny Tarkovsky, one of my favorite modern Russian poets (and one far too little known outside of Russia; I’ve written about him a couple of times, for example here) — in fact, I may try a translation myself. Here‘s the webpage; the deadline is July 31, 2014, so you have plenty of time to polish your submission.

Incidentally, Irina Mashinski, herself a wonderful poet and editor of Storony Sveta/Cardinal Points, which runs the competition, will be visiting New England on a reading tour; I’m hoping to be at the reading at Mount Holyoke College on April 3 (scheduled for 6 p.m.), since it’s just a spit and a holler from where I live, but she’s also reading in Dublin, N.H., and Boston if anyone might be interested in those venues.


  1. Though it went unnoticed at the time, this is the 5000th surviving LanguageHat post.

  2. And in celebration, it shall have some pie!

  3. Your 404 page (look at or the like to see it) lists inter alia the current number of posts, so you can watch for such milestones in future.

  4. Not any more!

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