Ow be knackin’ vore?

John Germon was born and raised in the Devon stannary town of Ashburton. He attended both the Primary and “The Big School” and has a keen interest in local dialect…
John is chairman of the Ashburton Devon Dialect Club and has compiled this A-Z. If you want to know how to pronounce the words in a true Devon accent, just click on the link and John will read them out to you.

Via Plep.


  1. As I read this, I’m listening to Weekend Edition’s report on the British Library archive of accents.

  2. And here’s another English dialect site for you: Pitmatic. The word ‘pitmatic’ may be new to you, as it was to me. In any case, it’s a fun site.

  3. It certainly is new to me. From the site:
    Fred Wade’s typescript The Story of South Moor: a mining village situated in the north western part of County Durham… includes a glossary on pp.187-190. This is introduced as follows: “Many dialect words appertaining to the early days of coal mining are still in use and are now referred to as ‘Pitmatic’.”
    Thanks for the link!

  4. Why ay, languagehat! Pitmatic anna new – ah’ve blethered on aboot it in Wordorigins like. Ah canna read yon Devon crack, mine.
    Gan canny, yez aa!

  5. Stannary = “tin-mining”. The tin mines of England are thousands of years old.

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