A new blog that focuses on the history of French-speaking (en français, bien entendu). So far, very promising, with an entry (with a nice map) on Nouvelle-France in the 18th century preceded by a Le Figaro article on the Cajuns finally getting an apology from the Canadian government for their deportation (only two and a half centuries late) and a Les Echos piece on the Louisiana Purchase. (Via La Grande Rousse.)


  1. Languagehat:
    Yup. This is the super duper project started several years ago by the Canadian and French governments to ensure that all the documents relating to the New France colonization will be available online free of charge. It took 5 years to assemble and digitize the materials. There are many new technologies that have been created to assist the users.
    Pretty neat I think and for the linguists a gold mine of immense proportions

  2. Why on Earth should the _Canadian_ government apologize for deporting the Cajuns?
    Canada didn’t exist as a state then.

  3. John Cowan says

    Canada is the successor state to northern British North America. It wasn’t the civilian Argentine government that committed the atrocities of the Dirty War, but they apologized anyway.

    I often apologize when people bump into me, because I’m a big fella but very peaceable.

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