Language Log’s Ben Zimmer has a new column at OUPblog called “From A To Zimmer”; the first installment discusses the chances of getting invented words in dictionaries, about which he has useful things to say. (One candidate: hangry, “an extremely useful adjective to describe a person suffering from hunger-induced crankiness.”) A hearty Languagehat welcome to this newest addition to the linguablogosphere! (Via Mark Liberman at Language Log.)


  1. Hangry? AHA! So that’s the third word!

  2. Heh.

  3. I like “crunky” better.

  4. Speaking of new language blogs, you might find this one interesting… I came across it by accident:

  5. Interesting, but he doesn’t like the way Mishal Husain pronounces “Afghanistan,” which makes me grumpy. Mishal Husain can do no wrong! Also, he needs to post a little more frequently.

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