An amusing article by Michele A. Berdy in the Moscow Times about funny-sounding place names (a river Gryazukha ‘Mudhole,’ a town Starye Chervi ‘Old Worms,’ and the like); some of the “meanings” should be taken with a certain amount of salt, but it’s a fun read. I might not link it here, though, except that the last village she mentions is Да-Да (Da-Da). (Via Taccuino di traduzione.)


  1. If you want funny place names? Just look at a Map that is (1 english mile to inch) map of England and for starters there is the village of Nasty in Hertfordshire, then there is the village of Ugley. Then there is the river Piddle,Steeple Bum stead just to name a few.,Hertfordshire&coordsys=gb

  2. Heh. Here‘s the direct link.

  3. For an American equivalent with a visual component, check out the charming “Passing Gas…and Other Towns Along the American Highway” 🙂

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