Yesterday’s wood s lot is even fuller than usual of excellence; busy working against deadline, I can only point to Forrest Gander on “The Power and Politics of Translation,” the announcement that The Atlantic “is dropping its subscriber registration requirement and making the site free to all visitors. Now, in addition to such offerings as blogs, author dispatches, slideshows, interviews, and videos, readers can also browse issues going back to 1995, along with hundreds of articles dating as far back as 1857, the year The Atlantic was founded,” and particularly the selections from Rachel Blau DuPlessis, a remarkable poet whose site links to many poems and essays, among which is a long and thoughtful piece on Zukofsky. Thanks for the goodies, Mark, and a belated happy birthday to your mom!


  1. wood s lot was how i found MF. bahut bon ist, a circle to complete.

  2. Nice to see you here, Ubu, and to know that you got to MeFi via the s lot, surely an unusual route!
    Note for the confused: I believe “bahut bon ist” is Hindi-French-German for ‘it’s very good.’

  3. Hindi-French-German?
    Almost, but no prize.
    It’s actually Indo-Europanto.

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