I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I can’t resist passing along the news of a planned translation into ancient Greek.

The author of the stories which have sold 120 million copies worldwide believes that they can help to lessen the dread that many children feel in approaching the language.

Modern Greek translations of the series have been topping the best-sellers list in Greece where Harry Potter toys are expected to dominate the Christmas market.

A Latin version of Harry Potter’s adventures is also on its way with both works due to hit the shelves in 2003.

Bloomberg have yet to identify a translator for the ancient Greek version but are optimistic of having it ready in 18 months.

Via Mirabilis.


  1. The Latin version is, of course, already out.

  2. If you like the idea of these sorts of translations, you will be amused with the translation of the mighty Asterix’s in Ancient Greek (1, 2, 3, all pages in Greek). The same publisher has published other Asterix adventures in modern Greek dialects: Pontic Greek – (more on the Pontic translation) and Cretan Greek (as a speaker of the dialect I have an issue with the fact that it conflates different sub-dialects of Cretan into one dialect that doesn’t exist as such, but it’s entertaining nontheless…).
    All pages above in (modern) Greek.

  3. Fantastic – thanks very much! I’ll have to get some of those.

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