Margaret Marks of Transblawg has an entry explaining a few of the basic rules of IKEA’s often bizarre-sounding product names; if you read German, you can go to her source, an article in Stern, and find out much more. Or you can just play the IKEA game.


  1. I think I’ll add a list in English. I couldn’t find it at a cursory glance at the Web.

  2. Off topic, but I just found a great German word: “soundso”.

  3. A mystery solved.

  4. Thanks for the pointer, like many others I’ve been wondering about this for years.
    If, however, bookcase ranges are named after occupations, what does a BILLY do for a living?

  5. Well, according to my Cassell Dictionary of Slang, a billy is a policeman. So there you go.

  6. There you go, indeed. I knew of Bobby, but not Billy…

  7. Ahh….so *that’s* why the stick carried by police is called a “Billy Club”. I’ve always wondered about that.

  8. but Billy’s not an occupation… not even here in Sweden

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