Kuki-Chin Speakers Wanted.

Alessia Spahn of OVALmedia sent me an e-mail message in which she said:

I am working for a film production company in Berlin, Germany. (www.oval.media) A few months ago we shot a documentary in Manipur. […] The movie was shot in Zou (also known as Zo/Jou/Kuki Chin/Zau/Zome/Zomi/Zoukamz). For months we have been looking for someone who speaks this language and any other language for translation (preferably English, but not necessarily). […] We are really desperate to find someone, since only 50.000 people in the world speak Zou. Most of them live in more poor areas which makes it difficult to reach out to them. I would be deeply grateful for your help!

I’m glad to be able to spread the word; if you know anyone who might be able to help, please write to alessia AT oval.media, and I add my thanks in advance. (See this LH post for Kuki-Chin.)


  1. Would there be compensation available to translators? I know people who know people, but they are concerned that this might be an attempt to solicit translation work for free

  2. That’s an excellent question which I hope someone from OVALmedia will address.

  3. Hello there!
    Thank you for your replies.
    Of course, we will pay them for the translation!
    Our freelancers for English or Vietnamese translations get 2,0 €-cent per word.
    We would like to pay them the same compensation.
    If you have anymore questions feel free to write me an Email.(alessia@oval.media)

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