I usually resist these fads that sweep Blogovia at regular intervals, but I can’t resist Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator. Put in your URL, getcher poem. Here’s mine; I may adopt “herewith a clue about these matters” as the official LH motto. Or perhaps “Posted by consulting the late Stan Brakhage.” (Via wood s lot.)

languagehat at IMDB
Linguistics Minority
Languages of
LANGUAGE. resources: Your
French up to the later
films were mostly psychodramas Desistfilm,
54 , those made during
his work incorporating and
right. Some
new Companion Open Brackets Pedantry
A ruminative philosophical meditation spoken over
the TIMES might stretching here Posted
by consulting the late Stan Brakhage OBIT. 1
YINGZI AND mildly irritated to illustrate
the of this brilliant Zompist site Archives
May 01,
PM | Comments 4 April 2003 March 2003
SWADESH LISTS. The following
adjacent entries, with
for a visual reference; herewith a clue
about these matters.


  1. OK, I did it for cassandra. How could I not smile at:
    “Fruit vendors in my heart
    pounding as water towers”
    or (with a little re-punctuation):
    “But when she departs – the
    photographs of links, and
    the most famous author.”

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