Any Arabic speakers out there willing to do me a favor? I would very much like a translation of the lyrics of the song “Ma fi hada” (I’ve put the Arabic in the extended entry, copied from here). A transliteration would be nice, too, but I realize that’s extra work, and I can work it out between the Arabic writing and an audio file if I have to. Anyway, any assistance will be deeply appreciated.

ما في حدا لا تندهي ما في حدا
عتم و طريق و طير طاير عالهدا
بابن مسكر و العشب غطى الدراج
شو قولكن صاروا صدى؟
مع مين بدك ترجعي بعتم الطريق
لا شاعلة نارن و لا عندك رفيق
يا ريت ضوينا القنديل العتيق بالقنطرة
يمكن حدا كان اهتدى و ما في حدا
يا قلب اخرتا معك تعبتني
شو بك دخلك صرت هيك و شو بني
ياريتني سجرة على مطل الدنيي
و جيرانها غير السما و غير المدى ما في حدا


  1. I will give it a try; this is a beautiful song for a Lebanease singer called Fayrouze; top- rated singer. In short this song is a sad one for a lover who is looking for her loved ones, but they are no where to be found and their homes seem deserted.
    “Do not call, there is nobody, do not call.
    There is only darkness, and a road and a bird flying quietly.
    The door is closed and the grass covered the door step.
    What do you think? Have they become only an echo!?
    With whom would you come back with the road so dark?
    You have no lit fire and you have no companion.
    I wish we lit the old gas light.
    so someone would have found their way; but there is nobody.
    Oh heart how would it end with you, you tired me.
    What happened to you and what happened to me!
    I wish I were a tree overlooking the land.
    With neighbors other than the sky and the emptiness.
    And, there is no one…”

  2. Thank you very much! That was amazingly fast, and now my wife and I can appreciate the song much more.

  3. I am glad; you have a refined taste enjoying Fayroze; she is considered a giant in Arabic music. My husban loved her song, “We and the moon are neighbors” that we had it as our dance song at our wedding reception.

  4. Michael Farris says

    I’ll just chime in as another Fairuz/Fayrouze fan, though my albums are all on vinyl in the storage. She struck me as being more versatile than some Arab singers in that she seemed to perform with a wider variety of backings, tempo, styles etc.

  5. Those readers who might want to hear Fairuz/Fayrouze or other Arab singers can look at This is not an advert, but a personal recommendation; I have no connection to the company. They have several samples on-line that you can listen to, if you manage to get past the user interface (it occasionally takes several tries to get a song to download) and have the right sort of media player installed. Please check the List link for list of all the artists, as the ones on the front page are mostly the latest pop hits.

  6. Thanks for this angel. I’m looking for the audio itself. Could any one help?

  7. Did you check the site Pekka recommended?

  8. Arabesque says

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for this song for ages already .. and I couldn’t find it (or any sample of it) in any of the websites..
    Anyway, if you wish to listen to Arabic music (including Fayrouz), you can use the sites below:
    My favorite Fayrouz song is “Kamat Maryam” .. a song she sings for Good Friday.

  9. A couple of decades later, it’s easy to find recordings of the song; here’s Fairouz in 1959.

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