Joey deVilla provides a loving description of his Toronto neighborhood (near Queen Street West), with descriptions of businesses, sociological summary, brief history, and lots of pictures that give me a real sense of what the place is like. There should be a web ring of bloggers who do this for their own neighborhoods; I’d happily spend many hours investigating them. I’m easily bored by monuments, but I never tire of street scenes and local quirks. [Via Gideon Strauss.]


  1. I’d swear there are a couple of sites which host user-submitted descriptions of towns, both for residents and for tourists. I think this may have been on Metafilter sometime in the last 18 months. But I’m just teasing you so far, as I don’t have a link handy. Lemme see …

  2. Got it. The links were in a MetaTalk thread in which I participated. At Wisdom Springs people describe the places where they live, and at people describe the places they’ve visited (there’s a lot of commercialism at the latter, but there’s good stuff in the “member tips”).

    By the way, if people are going to post descriptions on their blogs, as Joey has done, may I suggest that they also blogchalk their sites? This will make them somewhat easier to find.

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