Nothing racy here; that’s the name of a new translation blog owned and operated by Céline Graciet:

I am French (born in Bayonne, in the South-West) and live in Brighton, in the UK… Living and working in the UK for nine years has allowed me to develop an intimate understanding of this country, its language and funny ways. This makes me particularly well-equipped to translate English texts into French, my mother tongue. I keep constantly in touch with French by listening to the radio (I especially like Europe 1 and France infos), reading Le nouvel observateur every week as well as novels in French and of course, talking regularly to my family and friends.

Her latest post is on the expression “spin doctor” (“‘Spin Doctor’, what a great expression in English and how difficult it is to translate. A literal translation would mean absolutely nothing in French and I’ve often wondered how to render it…”) Welcome, Céline!


  1. Thanks! I’m a newbie in the wonderful world of blogs and quite bemused by their diversity and the level of communication between their owners. Hurrah! I love my new toy! I’ll list this site on my links page if that’s ok with you.

  2. Welcome, Céline!
    In fact, I find English to French translations rather difficult. I do appreciate your experience and your creative approach to your work.
    Good luck!

  3. Ingilizce Turkce Tercuman says

    I was looking for nakedtranslations blog and ended up here. It seems that domain / website is nomore. It’s sad though.

  4. Yes, it is sad, but apparently she got tired of blogging (she now tweets). I’ve substituted archived links in the post.

  5. If you forget for a moment what “blogging” and “tweet” mean “I got tired of blogging. Now I tweet.” sounds funny. Interesting.
    An alternative universe, a rock song. “Blogging” is a slang word. The singer used to dive into desperate blogging, but now he is tired of this vanity and simply jumps from branch to branch and tweets.

  6. Twitter was originally described as a “microblogging” platform. The idea was that one could create and read “micro” blog posts by sending and receiving text messages. However, the widespread adoption of smart phones within a couple years of Twitter’s founding totally changed its main mode of operation.

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