The Digital Library of Periodicals at the Scientific Library of the St. Petersburg State University has a bunch of eighteenth-century Russian periodicals online here, from Академическия Известия for 1779-1781 to Утренний свет for 1777-1779, not to mention Karamzin’s Московский журнал for 1791-1802 and the famous Всякая всячина (1769). It’s linked from this post at Liladhar Pendse’s Slavic Studies Librarianship blog, well worth bookmarking in its own right—I’ve just discovered a post called “Mandelshtam Discovery Tool at Princeton University Library” that links to this amazing image library. Thanks go to peacay for sending me the link!


  1. Thanks for a classic heading, which it will be difficult ever to forget.
    As an alternative to these periodicals, there’s bound to be an online “Watch paint dry” site out there somewhere…

  2. This is wonderful, Hat! Many thanks for posting.

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