I hope all of you are familiar with the amazing linkhound plep, who routinely ferrets out informative and/or gorgeous stuff from around the world. If not, go there at once; if you know him already, go there anyway, because he’s entirely revamped his site, with a clean new layout and striking flower-shaped insignia, courtesy of taz, whose design skills are eminently clear from the Languagehat banner above this post. Bravissimi tutti i due.


  1. Excellent, I was there an hour ago and it was all white but it’s great now. I don’t usually like blogs without newsfeeds but plep is one of the exceptions.
    Keep up the great writing here.

  2. Now I can finally, truly read Plep’s site. Everytime I clicked for “visual pleasures” the layout scared me away. I like clean design…a lot, though in the future I shall be embarking on a more experimental, less MT default look for my site. I should hope I do half as well as Plep’s previous design!

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