I regret that my habitual dilatoriness has meant that most of the foreign-language plays at the Globe to Globe site (“Performances of the Globe Theatre’s season of Shakespeare plays interpreted by companies from around the world”) are no longer available, but you can still watch Cymbeline in Juba Arabic, The Two Gentlemen of Verona in Shona, and Pericles in Greek. (I had Measure for Measure in Russian already cued up in a tab from the other day, so I can still watch it, but you probably can’t.) Via MetaFilter.


  1. here is “Hamlet”s trailer, for a play, not a movie
    the voice is reading until “…. to be or not to be”

  2. Talking of Pericles, Kings College in London have been performing a play in Ancient Greek since 1953, by the way. Next February it is the turn of Oedipus at Colonus.

  3. John Emerson says

    A friend of mine acted in a Tok Pisin version of MacBeth in the Piccadilly Theater in London in 1998.

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