Site Announcement: Comment Editing.

The cries of the multitude have been heard, and Songdog, the omniscient site administrator, has added a plugin while updating LH to to WP4.4.2; you should now be able to edit your comments for a five-minute interval. Use your power wisely!

Update. The omnipotent Songdog has heard your pleas and has increased the window to 15 minutes. All hail Songdog!


  1. [Edit to add:] Hurrah! [end of edit] No more “POST COMMENT [click] — Damn, damn, damn!”

  2. I hope the interval can be tuned. Comments here at LH are often as complex as posts in other places, and may need more than five minutes to review and post-edit.

    Okay, here’s a first post-edit.

    And here’s another, but the timer is still counting down inexorably.

    Still, I can see where I might need five minutes just to proofread a comment in its final form and see that I dropped a whole paragraph which — arrgh! — has to be retyped.

    Fifteen minutes might be more like it.

    Less than a minute left. Let’s see what happens if I’m editing when the timer runs out.

  3. Here I am starting another comment to see if I get two timers.

    Yes, I do!

    In any case, any post-editing is better than none.

    Fixed a real typo (dropped “o” in “another”).

    In reference to the above: whatever I’m doing when the timer runs out is ruthlessly discarded.

  4. Eh, I think that will be an uncommon occurrence, and of course you can always petition for a Hattic fix as before. Songdog had to spend a fair amount of time finding this plugin, and I’m not about to pester him for a redo.

  5. Sure. But finding and installing the plugin is different from tuning a single parameter, which should be a five-minute job if it’s possible at all.

    I note that even closing and reopening the tab with the page on it does not disturb the timer. Nice.

  6. I’m strongly in favor, since I have a habit of heavily tweaking my online postings as soon as I make them – as much for trivial stylistic reasons as for outright errors. Often I just have to see a comment posted before I notice all the ways it can be improved.

  7. Great. You can even delete comments.

  8. Nice. Simpler than the one I suggested — as it should be, since the plugin is named ‘simple comment editing.’

    Songdog is indeed great!

    EDIT: I concur on the desirability of a longer timeout — but I can see that one of the features of the plugin is that it is so simple that it doesn’t have settings. However, ‘advanced customization can be achieved using filters,’ which in WordPress terminology means there’s a documented way to change the timeout, and the change won’t disappear if the plugin is upgraded.

  9. (My edit timer ran out)

    The same type of boilerplate four-line addition to your functions.php will allow a delete button for those hopelessly botched comments that the commenter wants to start all over in their own time.

  10. Looks like by doing add_filter to 'sce_comment_time' you can up it from 5 mins, though there’s an additional check that the filter result isn’t more than 90 mins.

  11. I have alerted Songdog to the request, telling him if it isn’t a simple tweak to forget about it.

  12. I salute you, LH and Songdog, with both left typing hands.

  13. Athel Cornish-Bowden says

    As I said in another thread: Great move. Thanks.

  14. It’s a simple change, and I’ve made it. I’m posting this comment to make sure it’s working.

    Edit: it’s working. The comment edit window is now fifteen minutes.

  15. marie-lucie says

    Many thanks, Songdog!!

  16. All hail Songdog!

  17. Here’s something else people can do with long comments, it’s what I do: I compose them in an editor (any will do), and copy them to the comment field here only after proofreading.

    Even smartphones have an editor. On my Samsung S5 it’s called Memo.

  18. Sure, but you can’t see exactly how your comment will look until you know how WordPress is going to mutilate your HTML, which can only be done by posting.

    This is also, by the way, post #5700.

  19. I’m adding my voice to the choir of praise.

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