Suddenly Popular.

An xkcd of obvious linguistic relevance; since you’ll wonder: lahar. Don’t miss the mouseover text, and just to get it out of the way: I, for one, welcome our new God-Empress overlord. (Hat tip to John Cowan for sending me the link.)


  1. I raise you amplexicaul.

  2. David Eddyshaw says

    I only knew “amplexus” as a Latin word, and had no idea that it had this exciting specialized sense in English. Those crazy amphibian teenagers!

  3. I first met the word as a teenager, applied to human copulations.

  4. Never knew lahars existed in English too

  5. popularity of rapid hair growth around 2030 reassures me.

    I hate baldness…

  6. I have just discovered that we already have lahar in the Polish wordhoard.

    I predict that a few years after drone desertion the most widely advertised products will be dronicides (“ZAPADRONE kills 99% of known UAVs”).

  7. David Marjanović says

    I laughed so much at “amplexus”!

  8. “Never knew lahars existed in English too”

    Dmitri, you must not live anywhere near Seattle.

  9. Right, our local doomsday volcano is Yellowstone Caldera. But it’s more about the fact that I’ve read tons on vulcanology – on any Nature / Adventure subject actually – back in the old country. Not much since switching to English.

  10. Trond Engen says

    The next comic is about the writing skills of the texting generation.

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