V: 2006-07
Language Help Needed. And boy, did I get it! Some very informative comments.
Grr. In which I trash another bad book, and praise Trotsky.
The Dustbin of History. N.N. Sukhanov, an interesting guy.
Nikolai Fedorov. Another interesting guy, who thought vegetables were wiser than people and language began as an attempt to communicate with the dead fathers in the sky.
Tabellion. A classic thread!
Local Memory. On my hatred for changed street names; thread includes this exchange: “What’s a ‘scad’?” “It’s another word for an oodle.”
Circumcellion. Another great thread.
Konstantin Leontiev. Still another interesting guy: diplomat, immoralist, monk, and “the only genuine literary critic of his time.”


  1. It seems even the spambots are celebrating your 10-year jubilee! “I am certain you have never got to know any of us.” My, they even do irony!
    My congratulations. I found your blog not too long ago, but I’m enjoying it mightily.

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