A clever ad from Dorling Kindersley Books. Via Dave Wilton at
Addendum. Today is the seventh anniversary of The Cassandra Pages. Congratulations, Beth, and keep staving off the end of publishing!


  1. It would appear that the inspirational link is supposed to be; the one that’s there causes a crazy cascade of reloads. And the original didn’t have voiceover, it seems.

  2. marie-lucie says

    I just read and heard the You Tube segment with no problems (starting from clicking on the word ad). Very clever!

  3. Yes, it’s the text under (more info) there, where they explain their inspiration, that has the broken link (someone copied an abbreviated version … and all), not anything here.
    I see that the correct link is also in the referenced Wordorigins post. (Where the answer is presumably that it was translated into English for submission to Cannes, where it won the lion d’argent that year.)

  4. mollymooly says

    Doppelganger by James A. Lindon, 1967.

  5. mollymooly says

    Ahem. I would fix the link, but y’all can Google.

  6. Don’t know if the link I provided is the one you intended, but it works.

  7. First the palindromic goat porn and now this, the world turn’d upside down.

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