The website Knowledge and Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire (a project of the Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies of the Higher Education Academy) is a treasure trove of information; the Essentials section “provides a series of short overviews of the political and intellectual contexts of the letters, queries, and reports,” Cuneiform Revealed is “an introduction to cuneiform script and the Akkadian language,” and the Highlights section presents a small selection of the many texts on the site (given in transcription and translation, with enticing names like “Give Straw or Die!“). An excellently designed site, and I thank Kattullus at MetaFilter for bringing it to my attention.

Update (May 2024). I have provided archived links to show what the site was like when I posted it; the project has since moved here, and you should use that link for more current information.


  1. j. del col says

    Excellent site!

  2. Oh now this ‘Cuneify’ feature is damn cool. Up until now if I wanted to set anything in cuneiform fonts I’d have to go, look up the Unicode number, find it, input the sign, find the next… (I’m sure there was a more practical way, I just didn’t know one until now)
    𒁖 𒆪 𒅖 𒇻 𒀸 𒃰 𒋫 𒉿 𒀸 𒋫 𒄿 𒄷 𒌋 𒌨 𒆠 𒅋 𒀀 𒆠 𒀸

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