I saw The Two Towers yesterday and enjoyed it a lot—partly because the theater kept the sound down to a level where I didn’t have to keep my hands over my ears for half the move; theater owners please take note! (Best Languagehat line: “It takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish.”) However, I had not read the books in decades, so discrepancies were lost on me aside from a little uneasiness around the edges. Now that I’ve read Naomi’s detailed demolishing in Baraita, I like the movie less in retrospect. Renee has a more narrowly focused attack in Tolkien fans will want to read both.


  1. Carlos Thomsen says

    I want to know the meaning in spanish of the italian word: ingorgo

  2. Carlos Thomsen says

    I wish to know the meaning in spanish or english of the following italian word: ingorgo

  3. Carlos Thomsen says

    I have the following text in italian language:
    “gli automobilisti accaldati sembrano non avere storia…come realtá, in ingorgo automobiliistico impressiona ma non ci dice gran che.

  4. It means ‘(traffic) jam.’
    (You know, I remember having a bunch of interesting comments on this post back in the day; Blogger ate them all before I finally made the move to MT, which I should have done earlier. Ah well.)

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