Türkçestan, Orientaal’s links to Turkic languages, is an amazing resource, with links to texts in Altai, Azerbaijani, Balkar, Bashkir, Chagatay, Chuvash, Cuman, Crimean Tatar, Gagauz, Karachay, Karaim, Kazakh, Khakas, Kumyk, Kyrgyz, Nogay, Old Uyghur, Orkhon, Ottoman, Shor, Tatar, Tofa, Turkish, Turkmen, Tuvan, Uyghur, Uzbek, Yakut, and Yellow Uyghur, in all relevant alphabets and often with audio clips. Furthermore, the Orientaal site also has Türkçekent, pages for Turkish Language Learning; Arabistan, pages for Arabic Language Learning; Farsiabad, pages for Persian Language Learning; Russkograd, pages for Russian Language Learning; and Shqip, pages for Albanian Language Learning. I haven’t investigated them yet, but I imagine there’s good material there.

These riches come via Renee, whose interesting entry on “Negations and epic poetry” also links to material on Bashkir, as well as quoting a Bashkir epic in Bashkir, Russian and English.


  1. Is it my birthday or something? This is great. Between this and finding a used copy of a pretty recent Uzbek text, it’s been a great language week!

  2. OT: I’m tutoring a Kyrgyz HS student who wants to visit NYC early in June. If anyone wants to host, email emersonj@easystreet.com.
    He’s fluent in Russian (I assume) and his English is fair. He’ll stay in a hostel and have a great time if there’s no host, I’m sure. Nice kid with no apparent problems. Islam is not a factor — second-generation secular.
    I made the mistake of telling him Portland Oregon isn’t really the big time. He wants to see the sights.

  3. The Corpus of Written Tatar


  4. Looks great, thanks!

  5. Азербайджанcко-русский словарь (+some more)


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