Tired of using lorem ipsum for your dummy text? The good folks at toolbot.com have created a generator that “gives you the option of several different source texts from which you can generate greeking.” You can choose Jane Eyre, the Constitution, the Song of Solomon, Lao Tze, or (if greeked English isn’t enough for you) the Esperantists’ Manifesto, the libretto of Aida, or the GNU Public License in Swedish, among others. Here’s a sample based on the Rubaiyat:

One knows but still the vine her ancient ruby yields and still. Divine tomorrow’s tangle to the winds resign and lose. Vessel of a more ungainly make they sneer at. Oh make haste would you that spangle of existence spend about the secret? The temple lost outright oh thou who didst. Twisted tendril as a snare a blessing we should use it should we! The desert’s dusty face lighting a little hour or two is gone, it as wind along the waste I know not whither willynilly blowing what without asking, fansy in an after rage destroy none answer’d this but after silence spake a vessel, shadowshow play’d in a box whose candle! My being let the sufi flout of my base metal may be filed, khayyam and leave the lot.

(Via wood s lot.)

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