Verbatim is “working towards having the complete run of VERBATIM back issues available online, and searchable, too” (in the words of Mark Liberman at Language Log, from whom I got the link).

Verbatim is the only magazine of language and linguistics for the layperson. We write about words and their uses with verve and humor, concentrating on English in all its variety and all the fun parts of other languages. Names, palindromes, puns and proverbs are also topics of interest. Puzzles, book reviews, SIC! SIC! SIC! and more round out each issue.

The back issues so far available are here; there looks to be a lot of interesting stuff.


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  2. The Verbatim site now says:

    Verbatim is no longer publishing. However, this is a fan site dedicated to the legacy of Verbatim. Please enjoy the archives we were able to find and share with you all!

    Apparently the last issue was Vol. XXIX No. 4 (Winter 2004). Killed by an LH post!

  3. Stu Clayton says

    Language has enough firepower, he needs no army or navy.

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