Learning Circassian.

A couple of days ago we were learning Avar, today it’s Circassian. From a Window on Eurasia post, Can the Circassian Language and the People who Speak It Be Saved?:

But that has not stopped Circassian activists from searching for means of salvation, and two interesting developments surfaced this week. First of all, the Adygey language has now become a participant in the international language-learning program Book2 (natpressru.info/index.php?newsid=8349).

That program allows Circassians and others as well to study Circassian in any of the 49 other languages in this program, including English, Turkish, Arabic and Russian. (The Natpress portal provides links to these programs for those who would like to begin.) The Circassian program was developed in the North Caucasus and is directed at the diaspora population.

The link for English-speakers is here, and it still seems miraculous to me to be able to click on an audio button and hear words said by native speakers. Thanks, Paul! (He says “You could learn Circassian over the winter ;-)” — maybe I’ll give it a try, so I can read the Nart sagas.)


  1. The longest Circassian word



  2. Oh my word! (My first thought, after glancing at the “longest Circassian word.”

  3. SF Reader : What does it mean, please ?

  4. Russian text says “I can’t get out of it”

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