BabelMap is “a Windows character map utility that allows you to find and copy any Unicode character. BabelMap always supports the latest version of Unicode (currently version 4.1.0). It is free and fully functional, and there are no disabled features or time restrictions.” You can download it from the page I linked and start playing with it immediately; I will call to your attention the very useful Font Analysis Utility, which lists all Unicode blocks covered by a particular font and all fonts that cover a particular Unicode block (it’s under Tools, or just hit F7): if you want to quote Glagolitic, scroll down the “Select Unicode block” menu till you get to Glagolitic, then go to the Font Analysis Utility and select the right-hand side (“List All Fonts That Cover This Unicode Block”), and it will tell you you need the Dilyana font; if you have it, the characters will display appropriately. If you need a font not supplied by your version of Windows, go to Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources page and click on Unicode fonts for Windows computers, where you should be able to find anything your heart desires. And now I can show the title of the Parnis novel I was looking for yesterday with the proper rough breathing on the article: Ὁ διορϑωτής.
(Via Abecedaria.)


  1. kutsuwamushi says

    For some reason, Glagolitic characters are still showing as question marks for me, after installing the Dilyana font.

  2. That looks like a rough breathing plus a grave accent. I don’t know modern Greek, but it seems unlikely that the article has changed.

  3. Woops, my mistake — I’ll fix it.

  4. I like Babelmap. This is good.

  5. I’d worked on Babelmap. Its very nice.

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