A Flickr set by Nigel Beale. I love bookstores. (Via wood s lot.)


  1. that is very cool

  2. aldiboronti says

    Visions of paradise.
    Foyles and Blackwell’s of Oxford are familiar territory for me but I’d give my eyeteeth to spend a few happy weeks browsing through the other stores.

  3. The ambiance of a bookstore is incomparable to anything one can get on the web. I had stopped visiting bookstores for online stores, but I’ve started again.

  4. You might have seen this, but there was a nice roundup of special bookstores in New England in the Sunday Boston Globe:

  5. I didn’t see it, so thanks. It concentrates a little too much on the art/photography/antiquarian side for my taste, but a few of them look like places I’d want to visit, and it was nice to be reminded of Schoenhof’s, which I visited only once, decades ago, but have fond memories of.

  6. Christophe Strobbe says

    The British newspaper The Guardian recently published a top 10 of the world’s most beautiful bookshops: Top shelves (11 January 2008).
    Since one is in the Netherlands and another in Belgium, some newspapers over here picked it up (De Standaard even started a discussion thread on the subject – in Dutch, but as Ilja Trojanow said, you are only truly free if you know multiple languages).
    Another nice bookshop in Brussels is Tropismes, which is near Posada, number 7 in The Guardian’s list.

  7. Thanks for the post languagehat.
    In addition to photos, I have interviews with many of the owners of these bookstores on my site. Please feel free to have a listen:

  8. Great! Here‘s the direct link.

  9. Nice to see that the Flickr link still works after all these years.

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