A comment by xiaolongnu on this Jonathon Delacour post introduced me to the excellent québecois expression “comment ça flip?” (how’s it going?), to which, as xiaolongnu says and this story confirms, the answer is “Ca flip pretty good.” Googling around, I came across this guestbook, which is full of fine Franglish dialogue:

So…comment ça flip par là?? On se verra mercredi ou à chequ temps avant dimanche if ya know what I mean.
Anyways, en masse avec c’te bull-shit icitte! T’as une super-bonne page icitte mais j’sus pas encore dessus… espérons que j’y serai dessus avant le nouveau millénaire!
Au moins que tu m’as abondonnée 🙂 J’aime vraiment le background et je t’encourage fortement de continuer le beau travaille!! Love ya!


  1. You probably already know this (I’m new to your blog — whoa!), but I noticed several years ago out here in Phoenix that the Spanish “Que paso?” (What’s happening?) had been replaced by the much cooler “Que onda,” which literally means “What wave(s).” It’s softer to say, and much more open. That”s not like your Franglish example, I know, but it reminded me . . .

  2. Hm – in French it’s usual to omit accents on capital letters, but what about “Ç”?

  3. Yeah, that was a little lazy of me.

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