According to the NY Times Fashion & Style section. Just thought you’d want to know. Now stop complaining that I don’t post enough about hats. (And don’t miss the slide show linked in the right column.) Thanks to commenter Going Dotty in Kansas for the link!

Addendum. At the top of today’s wood s lot is a glorious William Heick [Wikipedia] photograph of a crowd of men wearing hats in 1951; that’s the culture I was born into, and I see no reason not to try to keep it going.


  1. Mr. Keenan is quite an interesting person himself. Not only he started his business from zero (and if I remember correctly, without any prior official training), bought a descrepit if formerly grand townhouse in Harlem at the time it was unheard of. He transformed the basement into a well-equipped millinery shop, complete with collection of antique hat forms (what is the proper tech name? have to ask my buddies @ FIT). He oversaw renovation of his townhouse himself (only consulting outside help where structural matter was concerned) – again, having no prior knowledge of interior design or architecture. The stair is especially well done.
    His hats are stunning.
    The townhouse was featured in a special “Fashion Designers Homes” edition of Interior Design magazine few years ago.
    Is there something magic in Kansas air?

  2. I suppose I’m being awful, but one of my most vivid hat perceptions was a picture of an audience listening to Emma Goldman back in the day. A whole plaza was filled with hundreds of male anarchist-sympathizers, and every one but one was wearing a hat, and by my standards, every hat there was the same as every other hat.
    I’m just sayin.

  3. ben wolfson says

    There was an article a while back in the NY Times about cartoonists and the New Yorker. Seems they won’t accept cartoons with men wearing hats anymore.

  4. Zizka: So you’re saying anarchists shouldn’t wear headgear, or they should coordinate carefully to make sure none of their hats match?
    ben: Cancel my subscription!

  5. Going Dotty in Kansas says

    time to pass out the jester hats!

  6. Check today’s *plep* for fabulous hats!

  7. Does wearing a Tilley count? Because these days, I wear one almost all the time I’m outdoors. Yeah, it’s fear of skin cancer. And baldness. I mean baldness, not fear of baldness.

  8. Sure it does! Looks quite dashing; I may have to get one myself.

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