Language hat is going to spend the next week in California. Regular blogging will resume July 13; in the interim, I urge you to visit the excellent sites blogrolled at right, and (for those of you in climates resembling that of New York) drink plenty of fluids and stay in the shade.
Update. I’m back, and I thank you all for your various bon voyages.


  1. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hey Steve, where in California? And, I can’t believe you’re doing it again…. Just as I am headed to the East Coast and yes, possibly New York 🙁

  3. Special Baloney Bulletin: re: Sapir-Whorf experiments (& much more related): see (DO SEE!) Linguistic Relativity Reconsidered. The article by Slobin details an experiment much like the one you attempted in methodology & result (“suggestive but not conclusive”). Also, this is where I learnt that Whorf was not at all a strong Whorfian. See for example, from the closing par of his coulda-been-seminal essay The Relation of Habitual Thought and Behavior to Language, this bald disclaimer: “There are connections but not correlations or diagnostic correspondences between cultural norms and linguistic patters.”

  4. Hi Renee! I’m afraid it’s Santa Barbara, nowhere near where you hang out even if you weren’t leaving town. (I’m in the public library at the moment, taking a break after lunch. It’s really beautiful here.)

  5. Have fun — SB is indeed a beautiful place. (And be sure to check out the whale skeleton at the museum if you have time.)

  6. Welcome home. Great to have you back.

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